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Ready to focus on improving your outdoor living area? Bernier Building & Remodeling, Inc. can help by bringing you the experience, planning and detail to ensure the success of your project.

Why should you choose us as your deck builder?

Custom Deck

A beautifully designed and well constructed deck will not only provide a comfortable outdoor space to enjoy the company of family and friends, it will also serve as an investment in your home which will help to increase its overall value.


We pride ourselves on our dedication to customer care, from taking the time to discuss your specific needs so that we can prepare an accurate estimate, to making sure you're kept informed throughout the entire design and construction process.

Deck Design & Construction

Designing & building a deck requires the skill and knowledge to use appropriate materials and proven building techniques that ensure your deck is designed to not only look beautiful and be functional but that it's safe for your family and guests. 

Selecting The Right Contractor

For a homeowner looking to build, expand or replace a deck, choosing the right builder is a critical step in the process.  We offer valuable insights during the initial design process as well as the construction phase, ensuring that it's done right.

Deck Design

Rely on Bernier Building & Remodeling, Inc. as your deck builder. Serving Fairfield & New Haven County, CT.


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The Design Process

A working set of building plans will be needed for the our team to establish a budget, organize a materials list, create an accurate timeline for project completion and to secure permits to begin construction.


We believe that the more thorough and well-thought out the design process, the less chance there will be for misunderstandings and costly change-orders during construction.

Selecting Materials

While traditional materials like pressure-treated wood may cost less, exotic woods or composites can offer many advantages. Though they cost more they offer superior longevity, an attractive finished product, and virtually no maintenance often making the cost difference negligible in the long run. The experienced team at Bernier Building & Remodeling can help guide you in making the best choice for your specific situation and budget.

Purpose, Space  & Location

A well-designed deck needs to take in considerations of purpose, space and location. Its style will largely be determined by your tastes, the available space and what types of activities you plan to use it for. Whether attached to your house or in a detached location, how you wish to access the deck and its relationship to the surroundings, your home, and the landscape, are also an important considerations. 

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Planning For The Future

While sticking to a budget sometimes means eliminating certain design elements, homeowners should always build their deck with expansion in mind. Whether it's additional square footage or an added level for a built-in BBQ island, planning for future projects will help to save time and money when it's time to consider those additions.


It's also important for homeowners to explore the latest trends in deck construction during the design process. Among the many things to be considered are innovative lighting, landscaping & planters, benches, multiple levels, privacy fences, spa, and grill areas and a wide range of options for outdoor kitchens.

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