Function & Form


Form follows function—that has been misunderstood.
Form and function should be one, joined in a spiritual union.
~ Frank Lloyd Wright

Frank Lloyd Wright worked for Louis Sullivan (1856–1924) as a young architect in his Chicago-based architecture firm. Sullivan is known for steel-frame constructions, considered some of the earliest skyscrapers. Sullivan’s famous axiom, “form follows function,” became the touchstone for many architects. This means that the purpose of a building should be the starting point for its design. Wright extended the teachings of his mentor by changing the phrase to “form and function are one.” –

It’s important to consider how a space will function when designing it.
This will help define the form and aesthetics of the space.

Function: DESIGN

  • Find a more livable space
  • Usable working areas
  • Need more storage
  • Want to remain in your home longer
  • Selling your home

Form → Results

  • Reconfigure rooms or basements
  • Kitchen/bathroom, and interior design

  • Closet systems with shelving options

  • Modify doorways and openings

  • Trendy styles and updated finishes


  • Employees and Trade partners

  • Quality materials

  • Tiled floor uncoupling underlayment

  • Waterproofing membranes

  • Primer and paint

Form → Results

  • Trained certified professionals

  • Protects against warranty issues

  • Reduced tile cracks from movement

  • Protects areas from water damage

  • Primer penetrates and paint protects


  • Internet-based software systems

  • Legal protections

  • Agreements and contracts

  • Money management

  • Risk management

Form → Results

  • Client portals to access information

  • Fully licensed and insured

  • All required legal documentation

  • Invoicing with payment options

  • Saving you money and legal exposure

We specialize in creating functional and aesthetically designed living spaces.
To begin, we always strive to understand how you want to use the room, your immediate and long-term needs,
and whether you plan on staying or selling. Let’s start a conversation about your custom space.